Tuesday 18 October 2011

Warmonger 11

On Saturday, 15th October, the club held a Warhammer Fantasy Tournament.

The tournament consisted of 3 rounds using 1600 point armies with points and prizes for in game victory points and army painting. Due to a player pulling out and a non-show, the tournament was down to 6 contestants. However, with all miniatures painted and good looking tables, the games were a spectacle to behold.

Vampire counts smashed Dwarf, who in turn were crumbled to dust by Wood Elves (yes, you heard right, Wood Elves?!). Empire knights clashed against Empire gun lines and Tomb kings looked pretty ridding around in chariots whilst popping up from under the sand to snip and pound any troops foolish enough to stand still for too long.

All players enjoyed themselves (I think) and learnt a lot. As with many tournaments, the final points do not truly reflect how close some of the games were, being that victory points are only gained for those units completely removed from the table.

I would just like to say a great thank-you to all the players who not only turned up, but put in weeks (or even months) of preparation in painting and practicing for the tournament.

Empire Fight Empire in Civil Uprising

Evil Ghouls spring forward into the flank of Wood Elf horsemen.
Tomb Kings march on a dwarven shieldwall
Tournament battles in round 3

And if anyone wants to organise and run a similar tournament, I would be happy to help.

Warmonger 2011 Results:

1. Simon (3644 pts) Vampire Counts
2. Sean (3211 pts) Wood Elves
3. Ben (2129 pts) Empire
4. Tristan (1038 pts) Dwarves
5. Scott (660 pts) Empire
6. Mick (585 pts) Tomb Kings

Best Painted Army Results:
1. Ben - Empire
2. Tristan - Dwarves
3. Simon - Vampire Counts 

...And for those not of a Warhammer persuasion Martin ran a 6mm American Civil War game at the same time using his 'Cheer Boys Cheer' ruleset, resulting in the Union being able to just hold out against the Confederate assault.


  1. Martin was talking about the idea of having another FW gaming day around Christmas? Can anyone update this? a possible date?

  2. I would like to start the lord of the rings does play it ??