Thursday 2 June 2011

Phalanx 2011

(A follow up to Phil's post to the mailing list.)

The Club is arranging a trip down to Phalanx in St Helens on Saturday, 18th June.

This is now the only major wargames show in the North West this year.

We have also been invited to run a game down there, so it looks like a re-run of the St George's Day Trafalgar game will be happening. Please note that participating\press-ganged players will not be forced to stay at the table 100% of the time.

Martin says the club has enough funds to cover the £3 cost of admission, but people will probably have to make their own way down, or we can organise a convoy down or arrange a meet up at the nearby services. The Lesure Centre where it is being held at can be a bit hard to find for first time visitors.

The club has visited this 'local' show on a number of occasions and in 2007 even managed to win 'Best Demo game' with Matt and Alan's 'Eagle of the Ninth' table.