Sunday 11 May 2014

Fuentes de Onoro

The belated St. George's Day took place on Saturday, as 10 players, plus the GM and onlookers participated in a re-fight of Fuentes de Onoro. The goal of the French assault was to either force a way through the village or find a way around the British defensive positions on the outlying hills.

Half hearted assault on Fuentes de Onoro
The forces sent against the main village were badly mauled as Muskets and Canister rained down on them. Only a couple of columns managed to get to launch an assault in the entire game.

French mass on the British right
Instead it appeared that they were concentrating on the British Right plus hoping that the Guard Cavalry would turn up to help.

French assault and clear outlying villages
The French manage to take the outlying village that pinned the corner of the British defense. The counter-assault by the British ended disastrously with the total loss of the division.

Attack Column vs the 95th
Only the Light Division and some mounted Spanish Guerrillas stood in the way of the French traversing along the gorge.

Half the British and French cavalry wipe each other out in charges.
The British launch a cavalry charge, send half their mounts forward to try and stem the tide, and was remarkably successful\uncontrollable, taking out two French cavalry units and a section of artillery. The French then organise a counter charge that wipes the British out.

French Breakthrough and cleans up rest of the Light Division
The Light Division gets wiped out after the 95th break and the pursuit leaves the French behind the British Right, which is now wide open.

The British Left, get bored and advance over the crest.

The village of Fuentes do Onoro never really threatened to fall to direct assault, but the position was untenable with the roads to the rear open to the French, and the British are forced to withdraw.

More photos of the day here...

Sunday 4 May 2014

St George's in May

In case anyone has not heard, the much delayed St George's Day game in on next Saturday (May 10th).

Game of the day is The Battle of Fuentes de Onoro, fought during the Peninsular campaign of the Napoleonic Wars. A closely fought battle in real life, it should be the same on the tabletop where 2000+ 25mm figures will be in action.

A final play-test of the rules Matt has put together should be happening at this Tuesdays Club Night for anyone who wants to check them out in advance.

On Saturday itself the set up is from 8:30am, but the game probably wont start until about 10am. There will be more than enough brigades available for any one who wishes to turn up and command a force. The games normally go on till around 4pm, with a break for food around about midday.

Wednesday 16 April 2014

St George's Delayed

The intended St George's Day \ weekend game (The Napoleonic Battle of Fuentes de Onoro) has been put off till May due to the Matt (and his figures) not being available.

Instead, this coming weekend, Saturday, 19th April, there is a couple of Warhammer 40K\30K games planned. The 30K game (Istvaan Drop Site Massacre) organised by Keiron for the experts, and another game for the other 40K regulars and more casual gamers.

There is also the likelihood of other games happening as well, and there could be a test of Martin's 1812 rules for the proposed Phalanx convention game - The Battle of Lake Erie. Phalanx this year is on the 14th June 2014.

More details on the Facebook Group