Monday 10 October 2011

Paint for Profit


Back in the day when I had more time and no money (not that i have any now- I just don't have any time either!), I used to do some painting for commission and also just to sell.

One way to cover the cost of buy new miniatures can be to buy two sets, and then paint one, to sell it to cover the cost of the first. This works particularly well with historic miniatures, as buyers will tend to be prepared to pay twice the base cost for a well/table standard painted model or unit. Due to the amount of Games Workshop miniatures and the type of buyer means it is a lot harder to get a good price. I am too slow a painter to ever actually sell models for profit - I worked out once I would make about £1 an hour!

If you have some time, and can't quite justify buying that new unit, give it a go.

Hopefully a few of the below pictures may be of your liking:

The Space Hulk Terminator miniatures painted on commision from a friend. Amazingly characterful models.

More termies.

Tau battlesuit and drone for commision.

Russian IJ-2s, Flames of War 15mm tanks. sold on Ebay

Warlord camel riders, 28mm. Sold on Ebay.

Victrix 54mm plastic British Napoleonic Line Infantry. Sold on Ebay.

Phil M article and pictures.

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