Thursday 6 October 2011

Pick of the Pods

I spend a lot of time at work being entertained by jolly good podcasts covering a wide spread of gaming (and sometimes I even do some work there!). Here is my Pick of the Pods. Not a definitive list, but the result of a few years of listening and searching of those I like to listen to:

The D6 Generation- a benchmark in podcasting. Great conversation and fun about a wide variety of gaming- from wargames, to roleplay and boardgames, all in American. They even cover a dose of computer gaming. These guys have been going a long time and know their stuff. If you are looking for general gaming entertainment, I would recommend this one. Only downside maybe the long length of the podcasts, however, for me, this is a good thing. Famous gamer interviews, family viewing and definitely ‘No hate’.

Meeples and miniaturesA very well established general podcast from the UK. This podcast is quite serious and from a wargames point of view, focuses on historic gaming, as well as board games. It is informative and has regular interviews with big names in the industry.

All Along the watchtower- a general gaming podcast from the Brighton area of the UK. Highly entertaining bunch of presenters covering a wide range, from Games Workshop games, Flames of war through to roleplay and board games. Thoroughly recommended, but has unfortunately not released an episode since the beginning of August. I will keep checking in hope…

Bad Dice UK based (Nottingham/Derby area) podcast all about Warhammer. This is a well produced and entertaining podcast. Up until a few months again, presented by the two Bens, almost the most successful UK tournament players around. However, Ben left, leaving Ben. Now the remaining Ben is now being joined by hilarious co-presenters. If you want to laugh along to Warhammer then listen to this.

Heelanhammer – a UK based (Portsmouth in fact) podcast exclusively about Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Informative and entertaining, but traditionally tournament based. It is trying to improve on this however.

World’s End Radio Charismatic Australians who made a podcast which was exclusively games workshop game based. It has now diversified due to the unpopularity of 8th Edition Warhammer in Australia. Focus is now mostly on Privateer Press’s Warmachine and Hordes as well as Malifaux.

 Podhammer- Another Australian podcast which was the first, but now not nessacarilly the best, podcast about Warhammer Fantasy Battle. If you like benile banter with offensive language, this maybe for you. It does not post that often nowadays.

Garagehammer – A US based Warhammer fantasy battle podcast. Lighthearted and fun, this is a good podcast well up there with Heelan and bad dice. It is not as tournament focused either.

What Would Patten Do? – this is a US based Flames of War podcast. I must say I have only listened to one episode and found it a bit dull. So, I will give it another try, but it has a long way to go to entertain me as much as many of the others on this list.

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