Thursday 10 November 2011

Italian States Campaign

Have finally finished the write ups for this Hordes of the Things based Renaissance campaign and have put the final results on my blog.

The Pope Observes

Organised by Paul, the campaign managed to span over 6 weeks, or from 1494 to 1501 in game time, which is probably as long as it could last, and during it course expanded from six to eight players. Being one of Paul's campaigns the rules and units changed from week to week as new DaVinci inspired contraptions came into play.

Infernal Machines

Week 1 - Papal Bull
Week 2 - Venetian Blindsiding
Week 3 - Holy Roaming Empires
Week 4 - Papal Problems
Week 5 - Curse of the Jabberwocky
Week 6 - Italian Armageddon

Final Map

If any of the participants have anything additional information to contribute or just some heretical views, then email me or post it as comments on the above posts, and it might get included, pending Inquisitional approval.

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