Monday 30 May 2011

How to Blog

In response to Marks request on the mailing list as to how to post on blogger here's a brief how to...

In order to use blogger you need an email and password linked to Google Apps, this can be done here . If your using GMail then I think that this already done for you. It can be any Email address that belongs to you.

Second you need the blog admin (i.e. Me) to give you authoring permissions. ( I've already sent a few invites to those who've requested it.) Once this is done you can access the authoring functions of the blog by visiting and logging on using your email and Google password from above.

There should only appear one blog in the list that appears, and it should be this one. You can then select New Post to create a new post (surprise) . Most of the fields are pretty obvious in their functions. Your post should be auto-saving regularly so no real worry in losing much info when writing.

Labels are a way of grouping posts together, best just to use a number of short descriptions seperated by a ',' or leave it blank.

The 'Preview' button is useful just to get an idea how your post will look.

Post Options, below the input box, allows the post to be timed for future posting (or for retro-actively posting)  or you can display it immediately.

In any event the post will not be displayed unless  the Publish Post button is used.

Additional help is available here.


  1. Hello Tel,
    Please can you send me another invite to blog. I now have a bit of time a subject matter! (FOW matrix campaign I am setting up) sorry, i didn't respond to the last one quick enought


  2. Hello Tel,

    just to let you know, i have contacted paul welsh and asked him to redirect to this blog. we now have top google serach slot for furness wargamers.


  3. The redirect works great, it should help divert some more traffic this way.

    Have done a queak to the page width so that your warmonger pics dont spill over the edge. Was easier than going in to change the widths of the photos.

    Thanks for doing the recent posts.