Tuesday 3 May 2011

First Post

A first post on the Furness Wargamers blog, which is a candidate for being the FW's principle outward facing web presence.

The blog isn't restricted to one person posting on it, and I would prefer it not to be so. Up to 100 contributers are allowed. So long as the user has a Google account login (which does not need to be a GMail one, any valid email address can be used to set one up, so, for example, a yahoo mail address can be used) then the admin can set them up to post on the site and give them other privileges.

Permissions on comments on posts can be set to be added at multiple levels, and can be moderated if desired and\or restricted to members or those with a valid open id to prevent random spam.

If this does become the principal online point of contact I can set the web address to be www.furnesswargamers.org or blog.furnesswargamers.org rather than the blogger default (which will still remain as a point of entry).

Since I have control of the domain and have linked it to google apps, I can create unique email addresses for you in google mail with the format <silly-or-not-name>@furnesswargamers.org. You may wish this to obtain a level of anonymity or detachment from you conventional account. This also gives you access to other google apps such as Picasa and Blogger, but of course depends upon the continued existence of the FW domain. These mail addresses allow for email forwarding so you can re-direct the mail to your central mail address.

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